Meet The Owner

I created Black Vibe Tribe at 14 years old with the intention to capture the essence and ubiquity of our Blackness, while simultaneously cultivating a community that steadily aims to connect, love, uplift, and build with those deriving from the African Diaspora. I wanted to fill a void within our community, which drove me to build my own tribe of beings who resonated with my products that are inspired by our history, shared experiences, and the excellence we exude in all areas of our life.

Now 17 years of age and 3 years in business, I can proudly state that Black Vibe Tribe is not just a brand, but a lifestyle. Through each statement placed on a tee, our luggage, signature glasses, etc., I strive to build a community consisting of the revolutionaries, the freedom fighters, the world changers, the activists, the aware, the awake, and the ones who are not only willing to “say it with their chest”, but stand on the frontlines of the movement. Every item crafted is created by us, for us.

Thank you for becoming a part of the tribe! From the depths of my soul, I would like to thank you for your support. Black Vibe Tribe would not have become the lifestyle brand that it is today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love, likes, shares, pictures, purchases, mail, gifts, words of encouragement, comments, follows and spreading my passion project via word of mouth. You will never fully understand what you mean to me.

Thank you for supporting a Black girl on a mission to share her undying love for her people with messages that are near and dear to my heart. Keeping our black dollar in the Black community speaks volumes! We are stronger together.

Revolutionary love,

Trinity Simone